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Benefits of Using Venetian Plastering for Your Renovation

Read on to determine why you should seriously consider opting for Venetian Plaster and Microcement as the finish of preference for your home or commercial space!

Venetian Plastering covers a wide range of exquisite finishes, ranging from highly polished finishes burnished to mirror-like reflection, to deeply textured effects that emulate natural stone.

Whether you wish to opt for something impactful or a more subtle effect, Venetian Plaster may bring your vision alive and can even be tinted, which gives endless colour options and is particularly useful when a very specific colour or shade is desired.

There’s a reason that venetian polished plastering services in Surrey is actually a “lifetime finish” – since it’s mostly produced from Italian limestone and Dolomite marble, it’s incredibly durable and rarely cracks or shrinks. The breathability of the plaster also means it dries quickly so moisture is not retained under the surface, which also helps protect the building’s structure and supports its durability.

The cost of Venetian Plaster may seem to be higher than paint, however in the long run it’s undeniably more cost-effective!

Venetian Plaster is one of the most versatile building products available! It can be used on almost any surface as long as it’s flat, and can transform almost anything from existing walls and ceilings to old worktops and pillars into genuinely stunning structures.

Venetian Plaster is not only popular for its striking and luxurious effect but because it can be an environmentally-sound natural material, unlike various kinds of paint, sealants and stains.

It is VOC (volatile organic and natural compounds) free and largely uses reclaimed materials such as marble dust, as well to be effective at absorbing carbon dioxide which produces healthier air and really helps to reduce the carbon footprint.

As the lime plaster is put on walls/ceilings, it gets exposed to CO2 in the air, and absorbs it. Once the mixture absorbs the CO2, it turns back to limestone again! With this unending cycle, the plaster becomes harder with time. It’s a win-win situation with less CO2, and more robust walls!

Venetian Plaster is breathable and dehumidifying as they have the capacity to absorb any water within the walls, whilst also having antibacterial and fungicidal properties because of the alkalinity of lime which prevents the survival of mould and mildew!

Because Venetian Plaster is clear of grout, in addition there are less nooks and crannies for mould to grow compared to using tiles, this means less maintenance required to keep it looking its best.

A huge benefit of Venetian Plaster is the fact it could be customised to work seamlessly with the branding of your business or the vision you have for your home! It really is perfectly possible to add specific colourways, finishes, designs, or logos through the use of stencilling.

Unlike paint which is chemically produced and leaves a solid lingering smell, Venetian Plaster is basically odourless because it’s all natural with ingredients including lime and marble dust. You won’t have to keep windows and doors open for hours or days afterwards to clear any toxic smells!

Venetian Plaster has got to be one of easy and simple surfaces to clean – simply wipe the surface down with a damp cloth and it’s good as new! It’s better to put a wax finish when having your Venetian Plaster installed as it will help to repel dirt and grime from the plaster, which will keep it looking better for longer!

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