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The 5 Benefits of Renovating Your Bathroom

Everybody and his aunt online is urging one to go for a bathroom redo. It is not only for your personal benefit, but it has one of the greatest returns on investment if you sell your house. You finally decide to go for it, and the same people telling you to do so are telling you to have it done by a professional contractor. That makes sense to you, because you are not the handiest person around the house, and your bathrooms remodel seems to require a lot of skilled work.

So, you decide to get quotes from several local bathroom remodeling contractors to begin with. A couple of give you considerably lower quotes than the others, but that gets your buyer beware senses a-tingling. How can you tell if these contractors will likely give you a great bathroom remodeling experience? Here are some tips to find the right bathroom remodeling provider.

Check for Bathroom Renovations Geelong specialization
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A contractor’s website can tell you a lot in what they actually. Some are into general contracting rather than focusing on bathroom remodeling projects, which is not a bad thing. However, general contractors typically don’t have free design services, which means you have to give them a design plan. Most importantly, experts in bathroom remodeling have an in-depth knowledge of how to do it efficiently. Remodeling is different from new construction, as remodelers have to work with existing structures. A general contractor might possibly do it, but not as well as an expert may. When comparing quotes, look at the contractor’s website and see if indeed they specialize in bathroom remodeling.

Check if they are full service
Most contractors would want to include materials in their quotes as therefore more profit for them overall. You will want a contractor that also distributes bathroom remodeling products because they get them at a bigger discount than a contractor that merely purchases them from a distributor. Kitchen and Bath, for instance, carries top brands in bathroom remodeling products and offers these to customers up to 40% less than big box stores.

Check if they have a quick turnaround
Specialists in bathroom remodeling understand a very important factor quite well: the need to move quickly. Bathrooms are essential to everyday living, so any amount of time they are out of service can seriously disrupt your life. This is especially true if you have just the one bathroom inside your home. You will want to choose a contractor that delivers on a project according to or ahead of schedule.

This is a little iffy, as you will only find this out personally when you are already in project. This is when online reviews can come in handy. Check online for just about any mention of the contractors you are thinking about, and find out if the company stays on budget and finishes promptly.

The top contractors in this space can also be willing to provide references which means you can speak to past clients as well. If they are, take the time to ask them about the contractor.

Of course, no contractor will guarantee project completion according to schedule as many factors might cause delays. These could be unforeseen problems with your pipes, electrical wiring, or substandard structures. Your client also can issue a change order, which could significantly extend the timeline. There may also be delays along the normal process of the remodel that is out with their control. To set your expectations, below is the typical timeline of an bathroom remodel from design to turnover.

• Design
Two to seven days, depending on speed in which the client signifies approval

• Demotion
Two to three days, with regards to the location of the bathroom as this can affect how fast staff can cart out the rubble

• Rough work on plumbing and electrical wiring
Three to four days, depending on extent of the structural remodel

• Installation
Four days to two weeks, depending on what you are changing. This consists of cabinets, new vanity tops, walls, floors, bathtub or shower, and new toilets

• Finishing and inspection
One to two days, depending on any conditions that may arise; this could include closing up walls and installing fixtures

Assuming no major upsets occur on site, an average bathroom remodel with a specialist contractor will take between two to a month to complete. It could take a general contractor much longer than that. If you have just the main one bathroom, you might want to arrange for temporary bathroom accommodations.