Things to know about Sideqik founder and inventor!

The initial idea he and co-founder Kurt Uhlir tried to build on were fairly limited. They’d dreamt up software that would help marketers build and run social media promotions, and then pretty quickly had an operating version than it showing to prospective customers and investors. They soon discovered marketers weren’t much enthusiastic about engaging with existing audiences-they wished to grow that audience, convert new people into customers, and, by extension, the businesses these were marketing. Having a newfound sense of purpose, Haile and Uhlir returned to the drawing board and re-conceived what their software must do.

Regardless of the feedback they got from the marketers they surveyed, it definitely worked. Sideqik was launched, and today generates both demand and interest. That’s because the software went beyond simple “social media promotions” and is currently a completely fleshed out automated influencer marketing platform, targeted at growing and engaging audiences for brands in the gaming, e-sports, shoe, lifestyle, and entertainment industries. We’ve categorised Sideqik as “campaign management” software, because that’s the closest category we must what it can, however the term feels nearly the same as and understatement when you consider everything it can do. The thought of running isolated influencer campaigns isn’t part of the Sideqik vision. As Uhlir described within an interview earlier this season:

It used to be five years ago you could think about “Hey, we’re going to execute a campaign for per month and that’s going to be whenever we think about influencers.” Well, that was great five years back, however the game has changed today. So now the top brands are doing this over summer and winter. Visit this website to get more insight, Sideqik founder and inventor

Sideqik’s approach is steeped in the proverbial “long tail,” a phrase that content marketers use to make reference to a bit of content that continues to create impressions and engagement long after a campaign is finished. But that’s not why when we talk about you skill with the platform. Instead, it’s the campaigns themselves that are perpetual, automatically engaging with new influencers-and re-engaging with audiences long after they’ve seen your articles (more on that in the facts).

It’s no wonder, then, that Sideqik is currently in an instant growth phase. Freshly armed with $3 million in Series a funding and a client list featuring names like Harmonix, CBS Interactive, and HyperX, the business recently moved into a fresh 3,500 sq. ft. office with plans to quadruple their staff. Looks like they’ve got a long tail strategy of their own.

It almost feels abrupt to avoid here, as there’s much more to what Sideqik can do. But as we said above, there are dozens of aspects to the platform that we simply didn’t want to pay in this space because they’re standard. Is it user friendly and nice to check out? Yes. Would you get detailed reports with actionable insights? Yes. Is it possible to find/activate/manage hundreds or even thousands of influencers simultaneously and market at scale? Easily. They are features that aren’t uncommon; if you’ve been taking a look at reviews of competing products, saw their features and are wondering if Sideqik can do those ideas, the answer is most probably, “Yes.” But can those products do all these other activities Sideqik does? Probably not. That is software that lives up to its name, acting as your true marketing sidekick, handling all the grunt work as you concentrate on the larger picture. That puts it in a class of its, and helps it be well worth looking into.